Work Execution Direction

Direction of New Construction and Reforms

What is the Work Execution Direction?

The director of the execution of the work is the agent who, being part of the optional direction, assumes the technical function to direct the material execution of a work and to control qualitatively and quantitatively the construction and the quality of the built-up thing.

Work Execution Direction in Marbella by G2 Architecture

What are the obligations of the Work Execution Direction?

There are obligations of the director of the execution of the work:

a) To be in possession of the enabling academic and professional qualifications and to fulfill the conditions exigibles for the exercise of the profession. In case of legal persons, to designate the governing technician of the execution of the work that has the enabling professional qualifications. When the works, to realize, take the building construction as an object for the uses indicated in the group a) of the paragraph 1 of the article 2, the enabling academic and professional qualifications will be that of technical architect. This will be, also, the enabling qualifications for the works of the group b) that were directed by architects. In other cases the direction of the execution of the work can be redeemed, indiscriminately, by professionals with the qualifications of architect, technical architect, engineer or technical engineer.

b) To verify the reception in work of the products of construction, arranging the achievement of essays and precise tests.

c) o direct the material execution of the work verifying replant you, the materials, the correct execution and disposition of the constructive elements and of the facilities, in accordance with the project and with the instructions of the director of work.

d) To record in the Book of Orders and Assistance the precise instructions.

e) To sign the record of beginning of work and the final work certificate, as well as to prepare and to sign the partial certifications and the final liquidation of the executed units of work.

f) To collaborate with the remaining agents in the making of the papers of the executed work, contributing the results of the realized control.

What are the objectives of the Work Execution Direction?

The targets of the direction of work are:

– To assure the sufficiency of the means that the contractor puts for the execution of the Project, so that there is obtained the quality indicated in the proper Project or in the contract of work.

– To assure the quality during the execution of the Project (materials control, execution control, geometric control).

– Supervision of the safety and health during the execution of the Project.

The specific functions of the direction of work are:

– To show the representation of the property before the contractor and the administration.

– To analyze and to optimize the Project to be executed, contributing all the progress, functional and environmental of technical character, economic were possible.

– To give the necessary orders to the contractor for the best execution of the project.

– To propose to the promoter the changes that he considers in the Project in order to improve the quality, the economy and/or the execution.

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Work Execution Direction