Technical Inspection Survey

Technical Inspection Survey Report or Home Inspection for your investment

What is the Pre-Purchase or Rental Status Report?

Technical Inspection Survey Marbella by G2 Architecture

We realize the Technical Inspection Survey Report or Home Inspection that there describes the state of any type of building prepared entirely by technical staff with wide experience on the buying and selling market and joined a professional association, what guarantees its legal validity opposite to possible claims and legal actions. This will help him to know the real state of the building that it is about to buy, with the consequent calmness of having realized a good investment being entirely expert in the real state of the building.

What are the objectives of the Directorate of What is the Pre-Purchase or Rental Status Report? Work Execution?

Composition of the Technical Inspection Survey report or Survey or Home Inspection:

Description of the housing, with the breakdown of materials and the state of conservation, built surface and approximate plane of distribution.

The State and functioning of the facilities, type, approximate antiquity the state of conservation and functioning.

Photographic inventory: It will reflect the totality of furniture of the housing, so that there remains registered the type, number and quality of furniture.

Domestic appliances: its mark and model will remain inventoried together

Included annexes: If the building sells with some annex, it will be included in the report. 

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Technical Inspection Survey