Refurbishment Projects

Integral Reform Projects, Custom Solutions

What are the Integral Renovation Projects?

Refurbishment Projects G2 Architecture has the intention  of bringing to our clients a proposal of distinguishing value of quality in the sector of the renovation and interior design, presenting alternatives, advices, and options in order to materialize the ideas to obtain the house of its sleep.

Partial and integral renovation in housings and commercial places, we study new distributions for new uses, incorporating facilities and materials of last generation and following the norms as for energy efficiency in second-hand housings.


Refurbishment Projects Marbella by G2 Architecture

¿How we work?

Departing from its needs we realize a study of the distribution, materials, equipment and lighting to give final form to every project of reform and interior design.
“We attend of form personalized to each of our clients by means of a direct and permanent contact with the work of reform to this way maintain its control in execution, period and costs”.
We use the most current technology in the development of the projects and solve in the reforms and projects of interior the problems that our clients raise us.

Because we understand that the reforms of a space need of a elegant project and adapted to its needs, we offer him our services with entire guarantee of quality, dedication and service.

In Global Building Management, our team of  Architects and Building Engineers will advise you in a personalized way

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Refurbishment Projects