Real Estate Valuations and Appraisals

Valuations and Real Estate Valuations to know the real value of real estate

What are Real Estate Appraisals and Valuations?

We offer them our appraisals and real state valuations to know and to value the real price of any type of building of way justified in accordance with the current legal regulation and having in consideration its current state of conservation, fluctuations of the market, the qualities, the environment, services and infrastructures, real rights, town-planning situation, etc.

Real Estate Valuations and Appraisals Marbella by G2 Architecture

The valuation report and appraisals is realized by methodology normalized in accordance with the requested purpose, for a Technical Team qualified and validated by G2 Architecture. The report includes information about the value of the building, its characteristics, town-planning environment, information registral, property, photos and graphic papers in general.

The Real estate Appraisal can be directed to different ends, between which we can emphasize normative, not normative purposes (value knowledge in general) and administrative or related to the processes of the Administration.

What are the Valuations and Real Estate Valuations for?

Between the normative purposes the collections are in the Ministerial Order ECO 805/2003:

  • Mortgage guarantee of credits or loans.
  • Coverage of the technical provisions of the Insurance Entities.
  • Determination of the patrimony of the Real estate Institutions of collective Investment.
  • Determination of the real estate patrimony of the Pension funds.

Not normative purposes include a wide bogey, nevertheless, all of them with the common end of knowing the commercial value of a building. Between this type of purposes we can stand out:

  • Processes of division of patrimony because of heredities or matrimonial separations, etc.
  • Accounting statements. Adequacy of the value of the assets.
  • Advice in a buying and selling
  • Advice in a hereditary division.
  • Mergers and managerial splits.
  • Proindivisos extinction.

Between the evaluations administrative or related to the processes of the Administration we can stand out:

  • Postponement of debt to the Administration.
  • Increases in capital for contribution not dineraria.
  • Cross-check of fiscal values.
  • Expert and judicial evaluations.
  • Town-planning

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Real Estate Valuations and Appraisals