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¿What is a House Hunting?

Property Personal Shopper or Property Hunter or House Hunting is that professional who accompanies you to looking for the house or property to buy, to rent or to invest without having to dedicate a lot of time and without worries. We will remain to your side from the beginning until the end of the process of purchase.
The situation of the Real-Estate Market indicates us that the purchase of a house is one of the major economic efforts of a family and the selling agencies only represent the interests of the seller.

The House Hunting or Property Hunter only will work defending the interests of the buyers / investors, advising to find the best property to the best price. For it, we choose objectively between any property of the market, having in it counts only the requirements of our client and always with the reality of the market.

Your Property Personal Shopper or Property Hunter organizes a personal interview to know the needs and motivations for the purchase of a real-estate property. About this form we know the criteria most valued by our client to make concrete the search of real-estate properties.

Because we are not a real-estate agency, we search for our client acceding to 100 % of the offer of the market across all the possible channels, including the physical inspection of the selected zone.

What are the benefits of hiring a Property Personal Shopper?

You can get to save up to 85% of the time you invest in finding your new home. Spend many weekends looking for homes in hundreds of internet sites, watching the same property published in different portals with different information in each one, and then, when you come to visit you find something else. For this reason, hiring your Personal Advisor Specialist will have many fewer headaches and give the spot to the first. Can you imagine buying a home without detecting hidden defects and flaws that you will expensive to repair?

The other great benefit is that we can help you save between 5% and 20% of the housing price. Having decided to buy the property, it’s time negotiating the price. In this sense, your Personal Shopper Real Estate works only in favor of greater interest to your client buyer. In this way, you avoid many costly mistakes. As expert negotiators, we negotiate the best purchase price of housing in the best conditions.

How does a House Hunting work?

We elaborate a formless detailed technician of each one of the real estate agent before selected by the client, attaching photos, orientation, planes and detailed description of each one of the properties to verify the royal(real) condition(state) of every building and to avoid surprises and secret vices.

The House Huntig or Property Hunter accompany and coordinate the visits to the real estate selected by the client, and once chosen the best option, negotiate the price of sale to obtain the best price and in the best conditions. Also we help in the search of the best mortgage lending(borrowing) in case of being necessary.

In case of not resident persons in Spain, we help you for obtaining the Number of Foreigners’ Identification (NIE) and to the opening a bank current account. The buyer will be able to acquire the property also across the constitution of a mercantile Spanish company(society).

Once chosen the building to acquiring, the personnel shopper real-estate also will write the contract of security to formalize the agreement of the future dealing.

Your Property Personal Shopper or Property Hunter will accompany him on the signature of the dealing in office of a notary and we will advise him in the steps of after-sales. The above mentioned steps consist in: to pay the taxes, to register the purchase in the Record of the Property, to identify in the Owners’ Community, to give of discharge or to change name the supplies of electricity, gas and water.

In Global Building Management, our team of  Property Personal Shoopers and Property Hunters will advise you in a personalized way

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