Measurements and Construction Estimations

Measurements and Work Budgets

What are the Measurements and Construction Estimations?

The State of Measurements of a budget of work, it is the set of operations that are realized on every work unit to obtain its quantity. It takes as a mission to need and to determine the units of every game or unit of work that form the totality of the object of the budget.
The measurement is the determination of the dimensions of every unit of work.
They must include the number of units and define the characteristics, models, guys and dimensions of every game of work or element of the object of the project.

Who carries out the Work Measurements and Budgets?

It is realized on definitive planes, although in practice, in the securing of the measurements they are usually and solve incorrectnesses in the floor plans. Preferably the units in which the quantities express themselves must be her used in the international units system.

The measurements state must contain a finished list of the games of work that form the totality of the project. It will subdivide in different paragraphs or subsections (chapters), corresponding to the most significant parts of the object of the project following the same criterion as in memory and specifications. It will serve as base for the achievement of the budget of work.

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Measurements and Construction Estimations in Marbella by G2 Architecture

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Measurements and Construction Estimations