Floor Plans

Survey of Building Plans, both single-family and multi-family houses, as well as shops

What is a Building Plans Survey?

If you needs a floor plans of your home,  we can realize a floor planwith levels and surfaces. Also we can realize a computer graphics in 3D of its housing.

It can use it as a commercial tool for the sale of its housing, since it helps the client to visualize  the spaces with major clarity, even being able to do a very real idea of the possible changes in the design of interiors (furniture, tabiquería, etc.) necessary to adapt itself to its needs.

Floor Plans Drawings in Marbella by G2 Architecture


Do you need to know the surface of your housing? Does he know how many useful square meters does its building have? And how much constructed? Does he know if the surfaces included in the cadaster of its housing are correct?

Equal he needs to know this information for processes of buying and selling of the housing, alteration of property information, etc.

In Global Building Management, our team of  Architects and Building Engineers will advise you in a personalized way

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Floor Plans