Building License Processing

Processing of Work License and Opening

What is a Building Licence Processing?

We have well-established a system of building license processing of all the necessary licenses to carry out the projects of our clients in the different corresponding organisms.

Building Licence Processing Marbella by G2 Architecture

The system consists of personnel specialized with control instruments and programming to realize all kinds of requests of tidy form, with pursuit and immediate answer to the needed for the administration in order to obtain the authorizations in the least possible time.

By the beginning of an activity, to open a business, to create a company, openings, etc. it will be necessary to be provided with the opening license for the Town Hall where one tries to implant the activity.

We write its project so that it obtains the opening license for your business.
The whole papers necessary for the administrative records of the opening of the place of any activity.
We take charge of all the administrative steps, and assure its license to him in the least possible time.

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Building License Processing