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Building Evaluation Report o IEE

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What is the IEE or Building Evaluation Report? 

It is a Report of Evaluation of the Buildings or Building Evaluation Report to determine its state of conservation, conditions of stability, safety, watertightness, consolidation and habitability, to avoid this way, damages to the persons and goods for the bad maintenance of these.

What buildings are subject to Examination?

It is obligatory for all the buildings of more than 50 years of antiquity and/or protected, placed inside the municipal district of Malaga, anyone that is its use and entitlement. In municipalities as Antequera, Mijas or Torremolinos they are also obligatory, and before it 2015 it will be in all the cities with more than twenty-five thousand inhabitants. To consult the corresponding municipal ordinance to know the limit of antiquity of every municipality.

Whom does it force? 

To the owner (natural or juridical persons) or Owners’ Communities. They can realize them also, in case of nonperformance of the previous ones, any other legitimate holder of a real right on the building (usufructuary, mortgage entities, etc.).

How does the IEE pass? 

The owner hires a competent collegiate professional who determines if the building is in good condition.

What technical staff is competent to do the IEE? 

The Builders and Technical Architects are competent technical staff in all the cases.

What can be the result of the examination?

It will be favorable if it is not necessary to realize works, that is to say, if the building expires with the structural conditions of stability, safety, watertightness and consolidation and with the conditions of habitability and effective use. It will be unfavorable if it is necessary to realize works to reach the above mentioned conditions.

What happens if the examination is favorable? 

As soon as the papers were checked by the corresponding town hall, there will be notified to the owner the fulfillment of the achievement of the IEE, its favorable character and the date in which it will have to realize the following examination.

What happens if the examination is unfavorable?

The owner will have to present it the same way in the town hall, together with the commitment of execution of the works that corresponds to realize to guarantee the correct maintenance of the farm, to request building permit (accompanying the necessary documents).

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Building Evaluation Report