Antiquity Certificate

Certificate of seniority to legalize your home

What is an Antiquity Certificate?

If you have a housing on a plot, or an enlargement of the same one, and this one is included neither in the writing of property, nor of course property docket, a  Antiquity Certificate can be written to include this entire or partial new building.


antiquity certificate Marbella by G2 Architecture


What are the requirements to be able to process a Certificate of Antiquity?

For it, there will have to be fulfilled a series of requisites indicated in the Law of the Soil that are the following ones:

  • That the housing has an entire antiquity superior to 4 years.
  • Let open records of town-planning infraction not exist in its housing.
  • That the housing is not in soil not urbanizable protected.

The value of appraisal of a building in which the housing that is not registered in its entirety, is usually lower than the reality, what it can provoke that the achievement of a buying and selling is not possible if in her the request of a Mortgage is necessary.

In case of expropriations and heredities there happens the same that in the previous case.

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Antiquity Certificate