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Who is a Construction Manager?

We manage the construction process in a G2 Arquitectura to the highest professional standards, ensuring the achievement of project targets.

During the construction process we take control of budgets, quality and the on-time completion of the project. Our initial cost study ensures that there are no unexpected costs and avoids misunderstandings between the client and the builder.

We use quality systems that allow us to control the G2 Arquitectura in detail, ensuring timely completion and a high quality of work.

In order to achieve a good result in the renovation of any home or other building good planning is essential.

Construction Manager Marbella & Costa del Sol by G2 Architecture

How do we work?


We use the following method to plan and deliver the construcction project:

1.- Initial Visit: After the client contacts us, we arrange an initial visit in which we evaluate the work required for the turnkey renovation and take measurements. We advise on getting the most space and light, changing the floorplan to achieve the best layout, and on the materials that can be used, taking into account the latest materials and styles.

2.- The Project: Then we work together with our client doing partial and integral reforms project in housing and commercial places. We study new distributions for new uses, incorporating facilities and materials of last generation and following the norms as for energy efficiency in pre-existing housing.

3.- The Measurements: Using the information of the project, we determine the units of every  construction  unit or unit of work The measurements is the determination of the dimensions of every unit of work.

4.- The Budget: Using the information gathered in the measurements, we prepare a detailed budget, which covers everything needed for the turnkey renovation including labour and materials.

5.- Contract: When the project details and schedule have been agreed with the client, a contract is signed which details the start and end date for the  Project contruction.

6.- Planning the project in detail: After the contract has been agreed, we begin planning the details of the project such as finalizing floorplans, selecting materials, fittings , and colour schemes for the kitchen and bathroom.

7.- Execution the project: During the construction phase the client will receive regular progress reports and we will manage the ordering of materials, and deal with any problems that arise. We ensure that the work is carried out correctly and to the required level of quality.

8.- End of work: At project completion we will check that the planned work has been carried out within budget and that everything works correctly.

In G2 Arquitectura, our team of  Architects and Building Engineers will advise you in a personalized way.

In G2 Turnkey Renovation, our team of  Architects and Building Engineers will advise you in a personalized way.

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