Energy Rehabilitation

Energy Rehabilitation of Buildings

What is a Energy Rehabilitation?

When we speak about energy rehabilitation, we offer to our clients the way of rehabilitating its housing attending on its needs and offering him innovative solutions and to much efficient, so that its housing has a low energy consumption, obtaining a high economic saving in addition to constructing a more comfortable habitat.

For it we base on the solutions proposed in the Energy Auditpreviously realized.

We apply innovative solutions thermos flask – acoustics that allow us to save energy, diminish significantly the noise inside the housing and reduce the invoice of the gas and the electricity.

Is Energy Rehabilitation an expense?

The energy rehabilitation is not an expense, but a good investment. Seven of every ten euros paid in energy in the hearth are assined to heating and refrigeration.

Energy Rehabilitation Marbella by G2 ArchitectureThe results of a good energy rehabilitation not only the pocket or the environment notices them. A good isolationor a good system of heating or refrigeration that maintains the temperature stable and adapted during the whole year it improves the quality of life of the inhabitants of a hearth. An excessive cold or heat can transport diverse illnesses, especially to persons like elders or children.

What happens after performing an Energy Rehabilitation?

After a good energy rehabilitation, a housing will have raised its energy efficiency. Therefore, its owner will be able to update the energy certificate of the same one. A building with a good classification (the maxim is the category A) becomes more competitive on the market of buying and selling or rent. The possible buyers or lodgers will know that it has a less energy consumption and a few better conditions of comfort than other real estate with a lower classification.

In G2 Architecture we are expert in the Integral Management of Projects of Energy Rehabilitation, advising our clients from the previous study, happening for the steps before the administration, management of the work and delivery of the same one with the requisites marked previously by our clients.

In Global Building Management, our team of  Energetic Managers and Building Engineers will advise you in a personalized way

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Energy Rehabilitation