Efficient Management of communities

Integral Maintenance Service of owner communities

What is a efficient management of communities?

G2 Architecture offers a Service of Technical Assistance specializing in Owners’ Communities that takes as an object to give answer to the General Meeting and/or to the Manager in all those questions related to the correct functioning and/or maintenance of the buildingand the progress in the conditions of the same one.

What solutions do we offer?

We offer concrete solutions for problems of waterproofing of covering, extenuation of noise between apartments, moisturecondensations and bad smells, progress in the accessibility of the building, or technical solutions for the thermal isolation and energy efficiency.

The continued technical assistance will help to maintain the functional conditions and to lengthen the useful life of its building and of the elements that compose it, and will redound to the reduction of the corrective maintenance and breakdowns.

What is the mission of an energy manager in a community of owners?

The figure of the energy agent turns into the key piece so that a community, independently of its nature or size, could reach a few desirable targets of efficiency and saving of energy; of commitment with the environment and with the society; as well as of saving in the maintenance cost.

Efficient Management of communities Marbella by G2 ArchitectureThe services of management of saving of energy from G2 Architecture, specialists in efficiency and energy saving, will provide solutions to him in energy matter for every day with its Community. Also, it will be able to form to its personnel of maintenance as well as to the owners on the subject of management of saving of energy across the different training courses forms existing in G2 Architecture, specialists in efficiency and energy saving.

In Global Building Management, our team of  Energetic Managers and Building Engineers will advise you in a personalized way

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Efficient Management of communities