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on 29 July, 2019

What is a “aparejador”, a Technical Architect or Quantity Surveyor or Building Engineer?

Many people from other countries, don’t know the role of the “aparejador”, Technical Architect or Building Engineer. Is an unresolved mystery when they develop their first project in Spain.

The main reason is because in their countries, this professional does not exist with the same roles as in Spain.  In many European Union and non-EU countries, some of the technical architect’s designated responsabilities are taken on by architects, quantity surveyours and engineers. In many cases, this work is assumed by construction consultants during the building phase.

What is the origin of a Technical Architect or Quantity Surveyor or Building Engineer?

The Technical Architect or Building Engineer’s responsibilities are regulated by Fundamental Building Spanish Law and other norms. To determine the origin of this professional, we need to return to the Middle Ages. They were the “master builders” who carried out the enginnering and technical work for such major civilian and religious projects like castles, palaces, churches and cathedrals. They worked closely with the architects.

Quantity Surveyor or Building Engineer in Marbella by G2 Project Management

What are the responsibilities of a Technical Architect or Building Engineer?

Their main responsibilities include aspects of project management during the building phase. One of the Technical Architect or Building Engineer’s key roles is as construction manager. In practical terms, while the work is being carried out, this translates into supervision and management of the building work in relation to technical solutions for the effective adaption of the project design, cost control, schedule control and external quality controls as required by the builder, and technical support tor the developer during the construction phase.

Another major role attributed to the Technical Architect or Building Engineer is preparing the project study of health and safety, as well as coordination of work safety during the construction phase. This entails a great deal of responsibility, and is a role that is not always properly understood by others representatives involved in the project development.

Other responsibilities of a Technical Architect or Building Engineer

Even though these are the key roles of the Technical Architect or Building Engineer when a project is being built, in practice, they have for many years been making other contributions to help the developer ensure a project is developed properly, right from the start: i.e. monitoring the quotes and bids supplied as part of the comparative study, preparing a full report that enables the developer to negotiate and choose the best option, and providing advice on construction company contacts with the “OCT” (Technical Exterior Control Office) and “Seguro Decenal” (10 year insurance), both concepts controlled by law.

In addition, technical advice in the event of disagreements with the construction companies, providing mediation and arbitration in order to avoid legal conflicts among the respective parties, advice for the developer on purchase and materials management, and an extensive range of other management processes that might occur unexpectedly during the project development, such as relations with the Town Hall and other authorities.

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