5 steps to Renovate a Kitchen

on 29 July, 2019

In this entry we will explain and talk about 5 steps to renovate the kitchen and how to make it functional.

It is necessary to plan the kitchen renovation, picking resistant and durable materials. It is also important to think about the budget and define which kind of activities you will perform in it in order to adjust the budget as much as possible.

Do you want to renovate a kitchen but you do not know where to start? We recommend you to follow these 5 steps

1. Functional distribution

Depending on each individual needing, there are different types of kitchen to make the activities on it easier to perform:

  • U-shaped kitchen
  • L-shaped kitchen.
  • With a bar
  • With an island

It necessary to make a durable design to prevent new renovations in the upcoming years. The most basic thing is the arrangement of the elements, since it is conditioned by the size of the floor. In addition, it is important to create a logical and comfortable route for the room.

2. Appropriated lighting

The appropriated lighting for a kitchen is the result of combining natural light and artificial light. It is recommended that the entire room is illuminated, although we must not overlook the key areas of the kitchen and place lights on the essential sites so there are no dark spots where we do the important activities.

Saving is also linked to an appropriated lighting. Picking LED lights will lower energy consumption – 90% less than a traditional bulb.

LED lights on the bottom of the cabinets is a practical, discreet and efficient option. These lights provide an homogeneous lighting, preventing eyestrain and creating a beautiful design.

Renovate a Kitchen in Marbella by G2 Architecture

3. Pantries with enough capacity

A large number of renovations are made because of the need to get more space for storage. That is why it is necessary to have large capacity storage modules to store part of the household and food. This also contributes at the same time to have a cozy and tidy space.

4. Resistant countertops

There are three characteristics to get the right countertop: resistance, maintenance and style.

Keep in mind that the style changes and the colours and textures might seem old-fashioned in a few years. Therefore, try to choose neutral colours and simple finishings that will never be out of style.

5. Good-looking and efficient appliances

Electrical appliances also have their role. Try to choose an exhaust hood that looks nice, a refrigerator with an according design to the style of the kitchen…

It is also convenient to pick efficient appliances, such as the microwave, the dishwasher, the refrigerator… In order to help the consumer to make the right decision each appliance has an energetic label that classifies them according to their energy category –being A+++ the highest and D the lowest–.

If you are thinking of renovating a kitchen in Marbella, call us and we will advise you on the possibility of improving your business or home.

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5 steps to Renovate a Kitchen